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Why Arachidonic Acid is Critical For Athletes in Training

I’m gonna give it to you straight: Arachidonic acid promotes the repair and growth of skeletal muscle tissue via conversion to prostaglandin F2 Alpha during and following your training sessions!

And man people out there, putting in the hours and work to get jacked are missing out on this because they simply don’t know enough about it and how much it can get you past the plateau!

This muscle-building, extreme supplement called Arachidonic acid has been shown to increase lean body mass, strength, and anaerobic power in experienced resistance-trained men. This was demonstrated in a placebo-controlled study at the University of Tampa!

The Enhanced Crew has been using ARA supplements since our launch. The Pioneers love it, our guest customers love it, and we get some great reviews live posted on it all the time (Check them out here).

Just to write what one Enhanced member said about the product: "I f--king LOVE it! ... Best natty muscle growth aid I've ever experienced, and I've seriously tried everything. Five stars. And don't be fooled by "cheaper" options....they underdose. The Enhanced ARA was the best I found on the market and well worth the money!"

He was talking about Arachidonic Acid !

Here is more information about Arachidonic Acid

ARA can be kind of counter-intuitive because we are always hearing that inflammation is a bad thing.

But inflammation, in the right places, is actually the key to muscle repair, and hence, muscle growth.

The very short version of how this supp helps your gains is this:

- ARA is an Omega 6 fatty acid which your body gets in small amounts from food

- It is stored in muscle cell membranes, and released when your muscles are subjected to heavy workloads (resistance training)

- When released, your body turns free ARA into special hormones that cause natural inflammation / soreness (prostaglandins)

- This inflammation triggers an anabolic & repair response in your body ... and ... bingo, you've built new, bigger, stronger muscle tissue

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So, if you get this substance naturally, then why take more as a supplement?

One - it's not easy to get much Arachidonic Acid in the diet. Unless you're eating a ton of organ meat, you're just not going to cause any noticeable effect through what you eat alone.

Two - ARA is quickly depleted. If you are training regularly, you are almost definitely using this up faster than you can restore it.

This one huge reason why you get so damn sore when coming back after a long break from the gym ... you've got full ARA stores again ... it's why you get huge pumps then too.

On the flip side, this is why it gets HARDER to get that serious muscle breakdown, pumps, and soreness the more regularly you train - you've got no Arachidonic Acid left to trigger that good inflammation.

You can think of muscle inflammation as the alarm signal for your body to kick into growth and repair mode...

And good ARA supp is like taking control of your own personal "inflammation thermostat."

You can basically trick your body into thinking you've done more damage to the tissue than you actually did - and trigger an exaggerated healing response.

This is an EXTREMELY powerful tool to have in the toolbelt.

If you want to put on extraordinary, superhuman levels of muscle tissue - it's just not going to happen with regular levels of these compounds in your body.

Try ARA for a few weeks and it will never leave your gym bag.

Stay Swell & Swole out there,