SLIN Vs. THE REST: The Reason Why The Original SLIN Remains Champ


Enhanced brought SLIN, the industry busting insulin mimetic to market in 2016. Since then, there have been a dozen copy cat artist supplement companies that have made a handful of products that all are trying to replicate and do what SLIN does and do it as well. The purpose of SLIN or a insulin mimetic is two fold: as a carb blocker during cuts or in bulking to run carbs into muscles instead of fat. SLIN has been resoundingly received by the community over the years, and it is not a surprise that it is being blatantly ripped off. In this article, we will review the competition, their claims, their labels, and see how SLIN stacks up, pound for pound, dollar for dollar, rep for rep.

The starting point: a SLIN LABEL

Now that we have our baseline, lets go take a look at the competition.

First Up: Alchemy Labs Glyco-SLIN

You will find Glyco SLIN on the market for $30 - $38, so it is in the exact same price range as SLIN. Right off the bat you can see you get 90 caps instead of the 120 that SLIN offers. Then you can also see they are heavy on cheap dosings such as Cinnamon and Bitter Melon. While those ingredients are helpful, the SLIN formula is heavy on the ingredients that are shown by medical studies to help lower the body's blood sugars and lipid levels: Chromium and Berberine, both highly dosed in SLIN. Those ingredients in Glyco can presumably be found in their "proprietary blend", which is critically under-dosed at 125mgs.

What is Glyco-SLIN? Its a Cinnamon supplement with a pixie dusting of what is presumably active ingredients. A person would have to take 6 to 9 capsules to get close to the same efficacy of SLIN dosed at 3- 4 pills, and even then, it is missing critical ingredients in the fight against blood sugar and lipids such as Alpha Lipoic Acid and Kaempferol.

GLYCO-SLIN by Alchemy Labs is like the alchemists of old: can we make gold from dirt? At the end of the day, dirt is dirt, and SLIN is SLIN.

NEXT UP: SLIN RX by Muscle Rage

So many SLIN knock offs try to "beat the original SLIN" by doing one thing or another. Glyco-SLIN tried to be a cinnamon heavy product at a potentially lower price. This product is priced from $40 to $50 on the market, sometimes as low as $35, and they have 240 caps. So that is the pitch of SLIN RX: we give you twice the capsules of SLIN, for only a little bit more.

Its a volume/discount deal. And at least they had the respect to put Berberine in it. They have 7 active ingredients to SLIN's 11, they are missing one of the most critical components: chromium. And like GLYCO SLIN, no Alpha Lipoic Acid, no Fucaxathin, none of the other ingredients that work as a "smart matrix" together to achieve the most effective results that are listed in all the scientific studies available on these products.

So SLIN RX gives you more pills for same money, but what's the point of having more when its not effective? You just bought expensive pee and didn't actually do any nutrient partitioning.

An Actual Contender: Revive Supps GLUCOSE product

This came to us from social media. Thanks @fit_by_taylor for asking us to look into the product.

Revive Supps did make a decent product. There is no question about it. Its a $60.00 product so it is almost twice the price. They have 10 active ingredients as it relates to carb blocking and sugar management - the top Vitamin ingredients are all "window dressing" meaning they actually are not scientifically proven to help out in the process of nutrient partitioning and glucose management, and that "window dressing" will not help the product do anything but look more impressive and help you "feel it" with way more Vitamin B than is needed.

The rest of the ingredients is pretty much an exact replica of the SLIN formula, at oddly higher doses. The bottle has 180 pills and make it look like "there is a ton more product in each serving than the original SLIN" but that's not necessarily the case. For example :

On "FenuGreek" it says 200 MGS, which looks like more than SLINS 150 MGS. But its deceptive. Thats in every 6 pills. Which mean each cap only has 33.3 mgs of the ingredient while SLINS dosing is at 4 caps which means each SLIN pill has actually 37.5 mgs, meaning SLIN has MORE Fenugreek in each capsule than Revive.

Moving onto Chromium....Revive has 250 mcgs per capsule, compared to 125 mcgs per capsule. So Revive is better right? Well, look closely at the ingredient: theirs says: CHROMIUM. SLIN is built using the TRAACS Registered Chromium which has a delivery system that improves efficacy. So Revive has used cheaply sourced, non-optimized, non-modern Chromium that is less soluble and harder to be digested and used by the human body than SLIN, and therefore, needs more of it. It is likely cheaper for Revive to put 250 mgs of generic Chromium than it is for Enhanced to put 125 mgs of TRAACS Chromium into each SLIN pill.

Then you realize that they are using generic inputs, likely from China, then actually deceptively labeling their product to make it look like there is more Fenugreek per capsule than SLIN when SLIN really has more, and all of that: they still are missing active ingredients Fucoxathin and Kaempferol. And on top of all that they are charging $60 for the product!

Also: Revive Supps does not have the endorsement of a medical professional. SLIN does, and has been endorsed by Dr. Stringer see; and SLIN is now being considered for a major double blind study by multiple major universities, one in Canada, and on in California.

So with SLIN you get the cutting edge tech, all of the ingredients correctly blended, and at a price of 29 cents per capsule, while with REVIVE you are paying 34 cents per capsule, along with the assurances of endorsements from a medical doctor and the recognition by major universities that the product has efficacy worth pursuing.

This one was actually close. And the Revive product is a good product. But it is not worth the extra $25.00 at all as SLIN delivers the same or more effectiveness for a fraction of the cost using top-line inputs.

For More than Just Body Builders

SLIN was born out of the bodybuilding world. It is in its 5th generation and has tens of thousands of loyal users, and that base continues to grow. And we know why: (1)it is highly effective, (2)doesn't try and do more than it is supposed to, (3)has thousands of positive reviews, and (4)is fairly priced with 11 active ingredients.

SLIN can be used by athletes to get muscles more full and to run cuts, but it can also be used by normal joes and janes looking to use glucose management as a way to lose weight and fight metabolic syndrome.