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Top 10 Body Transformations

When we announced the Transformation Competition we had no idea what to expect. At Enhanced, we know our products have high effectiveness - we use them ourselves - and are from the highest grade quality sources and made in the USA.

Here are our top 10 Body Transformations from you, the Enhanced Nation, putting in that work and staying swole. Congrats to our winners for winning over $1,650 in free supplements!!!!

Winner by Vote(InstaGram @enhancedlabs.official) #1, Winner of $1,000 in Enhanced Labs Supplements :

Christopher Garcia, Winner, writes of his transformation: I used slin pills with every carb meal that I took. I upped the dosage when I had a cheat meal. Also I would I drink all day shred. Anabolic IV helped me a lot to because I use it to replace al the sugary drinks I would drink. I got really out of shape because of COVID. Once the gym opened up again were I lived I stared reducing my calories not a big amount I'm very active so I stayed around 2500 3000 a day.

2nd Place by Vote, Winner of $400 in Enhanced Labs Supplements:

2nd Place is Nelson Burns who wrote: I used slin pills for this transformation

3rd Place by Vote, Winner of $250 in Enhanced Labs Supplements:

Anthony Vest, the 3rd place winner, wrote: Here are pics of me in Feb 2019 and now in 2020 after using your products Slin, ARA, All Day Shred, Blue Ox, and Black Ox. I have changed my diet to a low carb - clean food diet and have started a workout routine that I now do 4-5 days a week. My health has completely changed for the better. I was pre diabetic now I am not. My cholesterol is great and I have never felt better in my life. I am still currently using Slin and Arachidonic Acid multiple times per week.

4th Place

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9th Place

"I used slin and code red combined with carb cycling. I did fasted cardio. I did a lot of circuit training with weights to keep my heart rate up. "

10th Place

Thank you to all those who submitted your transformation photos. These are more than photos. These are countless hours in the gym, putting in work, getting that swole, using synergy between diet, sleep, supplementation, and hard work to maximize results. Keep it up!

Stay Swole,

Tony Huge